Community Residential Services

Residential child caring facilities provide community-based placement options for children and youth in the care of the Minister of Community Services with moderate to severe emotional and behavioral problems, and who require a higher level of supervision and structure than is available in family foster care.

Under Section 15 (1) of the Children and Family Services Act, "The Minister may approve or license child caring facilities and child care services for the purpose of this Act...” and under Section 15(2) , “No Person shall conduct, maintain operate or manage a child caring facility or a child care service that is not approved or licensed by the Minister."

The Department of Community Services provides funding for the provision of residential child caring facilities located at various locations throughout Nova Scotia.

Residential child caring facilities are regulated by an annual licensing process which holds them accountable to Provincial Standards of Practice to ensure quality care for children and youth who are in the care of the Minister.

All residential child caring facilities operate 24 hours a day with professional youth care staff who provide individual and/or group counselling. Some facilities provide additional programs such as anger management, life skills, educational support, clinical support and treatment services.


This program is for children and youth in the care of the Minister of Community Services.

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