Independent Living Support

The Independent Living Support (ILS) Program provides up to 21 hours a week of supports and service to eligible individuals who are semi-independent and require minimum support in their own apartment or home.

The goals of providing up to 21 hours a week of supports and services are to:

  • assist individuals to maintain and build connections and relationships with family, friends and other community members and resources
  • assist individuals to maximize independence in instrumental activities of daily living such as:
    • maintaining a household
    • laundry
    • shopping and banking
    • preparing meals
    • transportation for community access
    • participating in leisure, volunteer, or work activities
  • assist with the promotion and maintenance of health and wellness
  • recognize the potential of Individuals and facilitate opportunities for continuing growth and personal development
  • balance DSP resources and the eligible individual’s expectations in a flexible and responsive manner to meet the assessed unmet needs of eligible individuals
  • assist in the prevention of, and/or delay the need for, admission to a staffed residential support option.

Read more in the Independent Living Support Policy (PDF).


Eligibility for the ILS Program is determined by a functional and financial assessment. Eligible individuals will have assessed unmet needs which can be addressed by the ILS Program.

Next steps

For more information on the program, or to learn how to apply, contact the nearest office of the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services.