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Resource Stewardship Division

Resource Stewardship is a division of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Fisheries whose mission statement encourages the best available management of agricultural resources to ensure sustainable and sound environmental farm practices for the betterment of Nova Scotians.

The Resource Stewardship division includes the following sections:

  • Regional Services - Agricultural Resource Coordinators

    The Regional Services section consists of five Agricultural Resource Coordinators (ARC's), and five support staff, situated in offices throughout the province. This group represents the primary front-line staff on the agricultural side of the Department. They work closely with agricultural organizations, municipal governments, regional development authorities, non-profit groups, and other government agencies to meet the Departments mandate in the regions.

  • Environmental Management

    The Environmental Management section consists of an Agricultural Engineer, a Resource Management Specialist, and an Environmental Technician. The group has a close working relationship with the Engineering Department, Nova Scotia Agricultural College (Bio-Environmental Engineering Centre (BEEC), with which the group jointly supervises/supports graduate students that conduct research in agri-environmental issues. The section conducts needed research and technology adaptation initiatives that support a sustainable economic atmosphere for rural people. It also has a close working relationship with the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture and provides significant resources in support of the Environmental Farm Plan Program.

  • Pest Management, Regulation & Environmental Coordination

    This section consists of a Chief Inspector, Weed Control Act, a Pest Management , Environment & Regulatory Coordinator, and a Bee Health, Advisor/Inspector. This group adapts and develops regulatory programs and related methods to prevent or minimize introduction and spread of designated diseases and pests of concern to agriculture; delivers enforcement of related regulations; and conducts regular assessments to determine risk invasion of agricultural pests.

  • Land Protection

    Land Protection Section has the responsibilities to carry out maintenance work on system of tidal dykes in Nova Scotia. This Section also provides advice to dyke landowners on improving drainage systems on the dykeland. Maintenance work is also carried out on ten flood control dams in Musquodoboit River Watershed.

  • 4-H & Rural Organizations

    The 4-H and Rural Organizations Section consists of a Provincial Agricultural Awareness and Education Coordinator, a Provincial Senior 4-H Program Coordinator, a Communications and Resource Coordinator, 6 Regional 4-H Specialist positions, and support staff located strategically across the Province.This Section provides youth and volunteer leadership and educational awareness about the Nova Scotia Agricultural Industry.The Section provides leadership and resources in support of rural organizations including: the Nova Scotia 4-H Council; the Nova Scotia Agricultural Awareness Committee; the Nova Scotia Farm Health and Safety Committee; the Women’s Institute of Nova Scotia; and the Nova Scotia Young Farmers Forum.

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