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Adjudicative Board Selection Criteria
Date Published: December 2, 2004

Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission
1 Statute Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission Act
2 Purpose Oversees the crop and livestock insurance programs. These programs assist farmers insure against insurable perils.
3 Functions Administer the various insurance plans established under the Act.
4 Composition Minimum of three members. Historically comprised of producers representing key insurable commodities and geographic areas of the province.
5 Formal Qualifications None
6 Work & Experience Requirements Should have strong background in current agricultural production practices and experience in community-related activities, such as serving on boards and/or active involvement in industry organizations.
7 Skills Required Should have: understanding of agricultural risk factors;

ability to judge fairly; ability to make decisions; high degree of integrity; and ability to handle confidential information.

Chair position requires: proven leadership abilities; experience in chairing organizations; good communication skills

Statutory Nomination Requirements None
9 Traditional Nomination Requirements Commodity and geographical representations.

Chair traditionally from the industry. Vice chair traditionally an employee of the Department.

Remuneration Chair: $150/day + expenses

Members: $100/day + expenses

Anticipated Time Commitments 10 meetings per year
12 Other Notes Members may be reappointed.

Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission

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