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    Healthy eating is about personal choice. Many are choosing a healthier lifestyle and, in turn, are complimenting that lifestyle change with healthier meal and snack choices. Many companies are offering healthy alternatives to their product lines that incorporate the latest health trends such as lower fat contents, higher fibre, low carbohydrates, and increased vitamins and health benefits.   Nova Scotia haddock

    With an increased amount of choice, it makes shopping for our food much more complex than it use to be.

    A healthy diet includes all foods. Variety is important because no one food can provide all the nutrients the body needs for optimal health. Try new foods to tantalize your taste buds and vary your nutrient intake. In Nova Scotia, we are extremely fortunate to have a vast number of fresh products grown, harvested, and produced in our province, including many organic alternatives. For healthy eating, using fresh seasonal ingredients, look for labels and promotions in your local supermarkets that are featuring local products and visit your local farmers markets. You will notice the difference in taste and quality when you chose products that are fresh.

    For more information on how you can make healthier food choices, visit the following websites:

    Health Canada
    NS Health Promotion and Protection
    Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition

    For healthy meal suggestions, be sure to check out our seasonal recipes this month! We are working to bring you recipes each month that feature Nova Scotia seasonal agriculture and fish products. And, remember, food should be fun, enjoy!

    Recipes and Tips

      Last Update: April 18, 2011