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School Garden Project

young boy with potatoThe Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture recognizes the value of school gardens in developing citizens who respect and value the role of agriculture in our lives. Teachers tell us that lessons learned in the garden can have long-lasting effects on student well-being and that a school garden can help students make the connection between the food they eat and local agriculture.

School Garden Guide

To support schools considering starting a garden, we have created a guide with:

  • advice on starting the garden
  • resources available to schools in Nova Scotia
  • curriculum links which can integrate the garden into lesson plans.

Download Nova Scotia School Garden Resource Guide

School Garden Funding

To help defray the cost of developing a garden, we issue small grants to Nova Scotia schools. All levels of schools are eligible to apply.

Applications for 2013:

For more information on community gardening visit:


  Last Update: September 18, 2013