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Next Policy Framework Consultations

The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture is collecting feedback from stakeholders for the Next Policy Framework (NPF).

We are committed to ensuring that stakeholders from all parts of the agriculture and agri-food value chain are provided an opportunity to share their perspectives on the policies and programming that enable our sector’s success, as well as the emerging challenges that the sector may face. This online survey is part of a larger consultation process.

We would appreciate your taking the time to complete the online survey. It should take about 10 to 15 minutes of your time. The survey will collect feedback regarding programs or initiatives for the six priority areas outlined in The Calgary Statement that was released by the federal, provincial and territorial ministers of agriculture in July 2016.

The survey will close on April 28, 2017.

Complete the online survey!

Nova Scotia Farm Food & Events Calendar

Nova Scotia Farm Food and Events Calendar

This calendar is offered and managed by Perennia and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture, operated for the benefit of sharing information of interest to the agri-food community.
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Latest News

Government Invests in Wine Lab
Government continues to work with industry to grow Nova Scotia’s wine sector with an additional investment of $916,750 for the Acadia Laboratory for Agri-food and Beverage. - 2017/06/23 - 12:35 (full text)
LaPlanche Aboiteau Replacement Now Complete
Government announced today, April 10, that work to replace the LaPlanche Aboiteau in Amherst, has been completed. - 2017/04/10 - 10:28 (full text)
Feedback on Agriculture Policy Framework
The Department of Agriculture is collecting feedback through an online survey to help shape future policy that will succeed the Growing Forward 2 agreement between federal and provincial governments when it ends next year. - 2017/03/28 - 13:19 (full text)

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