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Nova Scotia Farm Food & Events Calendar

Nova Scotia Farm Food and Events Calendar

This calendar is offered and managed by Perennia and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture, operated for the benefit of sharing information of interest to the agri-food community.
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Latest News

Nova Scotians Encouraged to Head to the Farm on Sept. 18
Nova Scotians are invited to meet their local farmers and find out what's happening in agriculture in the province during Open Farm Day on Sunday, Sept. 18. - 2016/09/16 - 11:05 (full text)
Meet a Farmer At the Mall
Nova Scotians will be able to meet a farmer at Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth on today, Aug. 19 and Saturday, Aug. 20. - 2016/08/19 - 09:45 (full text)
Province Supports Fairs and Exhibitions with Funding Agreement
Government has signed an agreement with provincial fairs and exhibitions to provide stable funding that supports maintenance of their infrastructure. - 2016/08/17 - 13:14 (full text)

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