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About the Registry of Regulations

The Registry of Regulations was created in 1977 by the Regulations Act (R.S.N.S 1989, Chapter 393), and is part of the Legal Services Division of the Department of Justice.  The Registrar and Deputy Registrars are appointed by the Governor in Council and have the responsibility of filing and recording regulations and publishing them in the bi-weekly issues of the Royal Gazette Part II.

The duties of the Registry also include the indexing and consolidation of all existing Nova Scotia regulations.  It publishes a quarterly Sectional Index online which provides detailed legislative history to regulations on file, broken down by provision.

Other responsibilities of the Registry include the approval of draft regulations as to form, according to the Department's Style and Procedures Manual, providing assistance to the legal representatives of Provincial government departments in the preparation of reprints, and consulting with them with respect to the revision of regulations.

In May of 1996, the preparation and distribution of the Royal Gazette Part I became part of the responsibilities of the Registry of Regulations.  This publication is the official weekly government record of Cabinet proclamations, Orders in Council, and notices pursuant to Provincial statutes.

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