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Welcome to the GeoNOVA.ca

GeoNOVA.ca is the Province of Nova Scotia’s gateway to location-based information about Nova Scotia. Access to location-based information is our goal.

What's New

July 8, 2014 - 2013 Color Aerial Photography now Available

Coverage includes all of Colchester County and East Hants (district). This new photography was flown in digital format with a fully digital camera. Hardcopy prints and digital images (resolution of 20cm – ground sample distance) are available for sale.

Photo thumbnails (previews) are now viewable through DataLocator.

To purchase aerial photography: Email geoinfo@gov.ns.ca or Phone 902-667-7231, option #1 for hardcopy prints; option #2 for digital images.

February 27, 2014 - BurnSafe Map: An Online Burning Restrictions Map - Department of Natural Resources

The province is helping reduce the risk of wildfires by changing the way domestic brush burning is permitted. People no longer need a permit to burn domestic brush. The permit has been replaced with an online burning restrictions map to inform Nova Scotians when it is OK to burn a pile of brush. The map will show green, red, or yellow in each county, to let Nova Scotians know if it is safe to burn, unsafe to burn, or safe, with restrictions. The map will be updated daily. The online map and toll-free line will ensure everyone knows the risks of wildfire in all areas of the province, each day.

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